About Me

I help small businesses get big results online.

I’ve been helping small business grow their online presence for a few years now – helping them achieve BIG results. How did I start? I’ll try to keep it as brief as possible.

I took off to find my life purpose at age 18 in Tokyo. Which didn’t really happen. But, being in Tokyo lead me to my travel addiction, resulting in having visited 30+ countries in less than 5 years. You can learn how I did that from my self-published book on Amazon: Journey On: How to Travel the World – Even If You’re Young and Broke.

I later established roots in Turin, Italy, where I studied ‘Management and Economics’ for three years. While in Italy, I turned to the internet to make money for tuition. I started writing SEO blog content and Amazon product listings on Fiverr, gaining 600+ 5-star reviews. This covered expenses, but it didn’t fulfill my need to work on meaningful projects.

After finishing all of my exams at l’Università di Torino this past summer and my thesis (which I turned into another ebook: Laptop Entrepreneur: Realistic Ways You Can Live the Dream Abroad and Make Money Online), I’m continuing to work online as a freelance SEO consultant and copywriter. I also became the Content Manager for SASMAR Pharmaceuticals in August 2019. SASMAR products are sold in Walmart, CVS, Amazon and in major retailers and pharmacies in 60+ countries. 

Currently, I’m keeping myself busy running my own 1-man mini digital marketing agency at RyanScottSEO.com. If you want to talk world travel or learn how I can help transform your online shop with SEO and powerful writing, just send me a message

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Ways I Help Businesses Grow Online

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you want to increase your business’ reach online, my organic growth strategies will help you get results. SEO is a huge area to cover; I use a variety of strategies to increase your website’s ranking, including: blog writing (so that you become an authoritative figure in your industry), running audits and editing your website so that it complies with Google’s standards, link building, backlinking, guest blogging, and more.
  • Amazon Listings and Enhanced Brand Content / A+. Of all the eCommerce platforms, I know Amazon best. I started writing Amazon listings on freelancing platforms and have probably churned out thousands. Now, after much trial and error and client feedback, I know what it takes to rev up your Amazon sales! I offer full-fledged Amazon listing services: everything from creating an HTML title, to keyword and competitor research, to creating Enhanced Brand Content for Amazon (including graphic design). To see my past work, click on Portfolio.
  • Pinterest Marketing. Of all the social media platforms out there, Pinterest is king for small businesses. Sure, I can help you with Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and have created content for a Facebook page with almost 700,000 likes, but my real specialty is Pinterest. Pinterest is different: it’s a search engine. Unlike Instagram and Facebook (which requires an established following in most cases), Pinterest is less about the number of followers and more about creating organic, high-quality content. It doesn’t matter if you have thousands of followers – or just one – I’ll help you get pins and clicks on your website.
  • Copywriting. I don’t have any secret strategy when I write. I simply say what needs to be said without overthinking. And that’s the key in copywriting. So many other writers try to make their writing flowery and overly-creative. Not me: I try to keep things as simple and concise as possible. Why? Because that’s best for sales. The product descriptions I’ve written have quadrupled daily average sales for major companies and I hope to do the same for your business and products.

Other Cool Things About Me

  • Flew to Stanford University to Meet with the Nation’s Top Colleges via QuestBridge. I was a nose-in-book type of high school student, taking every possible AP class I could fit into my schedule while attending the local community college, of course. I had my eyes set on Ivy League schools with a full-ride scholarship. I won an award as a QuestBridge Scholar and was invited to Stanford University to meet with 40+ admission officers from top universities.
  • Former Content Manager for a Multi-Million Dollar Pharmaceutical Company. While I’d been working as a freelancer for several years, the first contract job I landed was with SASMAR pharmaceuticals – a multi-million dollar company with products carried in WalMart, CVS and sold in 60+ countries. I created product descriptions, reaching all-time high visits to the website. Additionally created Amazon descriptions – from the bullet points to the A+ Enhanced Marketing content, which is one of the services I offer!
  • Self-Published a Travel Book at Age 20 and Traveled to 24 Countries. After being bombarded with messages on social media from friends asking me how I was able to travel so much, I decided to write my first book. I shared my story in “Journey On: How to Travel the World – Even If You’re Young and Broke,” available on Amazon in both Kindle format and paperback. I continue to travel frequently to this day and am a habitual Couchsurfing user.
  • I’m Trilingual (English, Italian and Spanish).  By taking AP Language and Composition in the 9th grade I learned I had the power to see past pushy advertisements and lying politicians, recognizing where appeals to emotion, logic and authority were intentionally placed. As far as my other languages go, I took advanced Spanish classes while in middle school and learned Italian (scoring a near-perfect 29/30 on my exam) during my studies at the University of Turin. Oh, I also speak conversational French and Portuguese and am learning a bit of Hungarian and Serbo-Croatian.
  • Washington State’s Young Philanthropist of the Year in 2015. Little did I know my fundraising project which benefited Northwest Youth Services’s PAD Program, a teen homeless shelter, would get statewide attention. I’ve always been the type of person who tries to pair fun events with meaningful causes, which is why the banquet turned out to be better than expected despite being short on time. If you want to find out more about the project, you can check out this video about the benefit banquet or go to AFP Advancement Northwest.

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