Are You One of 94% of Americans Who Is Dealing With Stress at Work?

Are You One of 94% of Americans Who Is Dealing With Stress at Work?

Are You One of 94% of Americans Who Is Dealing With Stress at Work?

If you’re like most people, chances are you’re dealing with stress at work, you’re tired and overworked right now (be honest with yourself: aren’t you?) In fact, research from Everest College found that “83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress” (, Milenkovic, 2019). And, even more worrying, “94% of American workers report experiencing stress at their workplace” (, Milenkovic, 2019). If you weren’t dealing with stress at work, you probably wouldn’t have clicked this post.

With the current employment system, you’re expected to clock in at 9 am and leave at 5 pm. But what does that really mean? It means sacrificing eight hours of your day; approximately 50% of your waking hours are spent at work.

It’s no surprise so many are dealing with stress at work. The long 40-hour work weeks are stressful in themselves! Think about how much precious time you lose at work.

Eight hours each and every day.

Forty hours a week.

That’s time that you’ll never get back. And, that excludes the time it takes you to commute, shower, and get ready. But, does it need to be like this? Are we really made to spend most of our time tucked away in offices and preparing ourselves for the next workday? I don’t think so. I have found legitimate work from home jobs that allow me two things far more valuable than money: freedom and flexibility. That way I no longer have to worry about dealing with stress at work!

Your Schedules Blocking You From Achieving Work Life Balance

If you’re working a regular full-time job, let’s be honest: you’re chained to your schedule. Your morning commute (that you hate); the time you wake up; the time you fall asleep; what you make for breakfast, lunch and dinner; how much time you spend with friends and family is all dictated by your work schedule.

You aren’t exactly reheating leftover pasta in the office microwave by choice, but because it’s convenient for your work-focused lifestyle.

You really don’t want to drive across town, but of course, you have to if you want to keep your job. You can’t eat as healthy as you’d like, but the sugar-laced protein bar and tall coffee (with lots of sugar added, of course) is convenient and prevents you from dozing off in front of your computer. You’re naturally a night owl, but that doesn’t work when your alarm clock is set at 8 am. You probably aren’t getting a full night’s sleep anyway.

The bottom line is, unless you are successful in dealing with stress at work and emphasize achieving work life balance (which, the solution often involves working online), your life will never fully be in your hands.

Let’s Go Through What a Typical Work-centered Schedule Looks Like:

  • Wake up early in the morning. You may lay in bed from exhaustion, hitting snooze several times. You just don’t have the energy – or the will – to get out of bed. Or, maybe you decide to mindlessly scroll social media to take your mind off things (you think to yourself subconsciously: it’s going to be another long day!).
  • Get ready in a rush. Maybe throw on some makeup or some gel in your hair. Or, maybe you don’t – your boss isn’t paying you to look good, right? You may pack a lunch. Or not. You know it’s not good for you, but you’ll opt for a snack from the vending machine or order some fast food out of convenience. There just aren’t enough hours in the day, right?
  • Head to work before rush hour. Or maybe you get caught in rush hour… this isn’t going to look good. Your boss is going to wonder why you’re late. You finally get there (hopefully on time) only after stressing about being on time, spiking your cortisol levels (which leads to chronic inflammation overtime – that means early aging, a weakened immune system and a higher chance of chronic illness).
  • Work, work, work. If you’re lucky, the time passes quickly. You get involved with what you’re doing, but you realize you’re still making money for someone else. You have a lot of potential – and you know it – but you just don’t have the time or the resources to go virtual as a Laptop Entrepreneur (or so you think!).
  • Back home, exhausted and stressed. You finally get back home and hit the couch…but wait – you haven’t eaten dinner yet. And the kids! What about the kids?! You need to make sure everything and everyone is taken care of first. And of course, you need to tell a friend or loved one about how your boss is driving you crazy and how your co-workers aren’t being all that helpful, too. You’re stressed and have to take care of others before you take care of yourself.
  • And finally: you watch the news and doze off. Not only are you stressed from work itself, stressed about getting to work on time, and stressed about making dinner for yourself and others, you then need to stress about the news, too. There’s always something new to stress about: Oh no, another war. Or, oh jeez another viral outbreak. While it’s important to keep current events on your radar, it may not be in your best interest to listen to several different commentators beat the same dead horse over and over again. And maybe you get that – you opt for Netflix instead. The only problem is, somewhere deep inside of you, you know you were created for more. You have hobbies, interests, and passions. But you’re far too busy and exhausted to pursue those. Instead of learning how to paint, or finishing that book you’ve always wanted to write, or going out for a hike to watch the sunset, you’d rather tune out and watch your favorite TV series. Your life now is centered around work. Even on weekends, you sleep in to recover. You may binge drink to forget about the stress. And that’s not living life to your true potential. 

Isn’t that routine stressful?

Raise your hand if that looks like your routine. I know that that’s a common routine for many of you. Other factors that contribute to stress are: bosses, high work-loads and poor communication (, Milenkovic, 2019). I know that that’s a common routine for many of you.

In fact, that was how my routine looked, too!

Fortunately, when I was in university in Italy, I learned I had another option: I could make money online with legitimate work from home jobs.

But, I learned this the hard way. I was trying to make ends meet while studying full-time. Fortunately, I’ve outlined everything for you and taught you valuable lessons I’ve learned from my mistakes in my book, Laptop Entrepreneur. When you order my book, you’ll see achieving work-life balance is possible after you choose a Laptop Entrepreneur business model).

Cut Out Work Stress with Legitimate Work from Home Jobs

Being a Laptop Entrepreneur means full autonomy over your schedule and life. That means you can kiss your 30-minute commute goodbye along with your worries about being late to work! Now, when you commit to living like a Laptop Entrepreneur, you finally have flexibility and no longer have to worry about dealing with stress at work! Gain peace of mind (which we all need!)

Being a Laptop Entrepreneur means fitting your schedule to your life, whereas being a worker means finding a way to fit your life in between the gaps in your work schedule. That’s the difference. 

How Does a Typical Day for a Laptop Entrepreneur Look?

  • Wake up on your schedule. Had a long night? That’s totally OK. Instead of worrying about work the next day and clocking in on time, you realize you can finally sleep in and recover your sleep debt you’ve accumulated. Since starting your own virtual business, you realize you set the rules for your own schedule. Or, if you decided to negotiate with your boss and make your current position one that is digital, you agree that you can work whenever you want – as long as you’re pulling your weight.
  • Work more productively in a tranquil environment. It may be counterintuitive, but workers are more productive at home than they are in the office. When people set up a designated distraction-free area in their home to work, they’re more likely to get into a “workflow” state. That means getting more done and finally catching up on lagging projects – without Suzy from the cubicle next to taking you out of your focused state.
  • You get work done – and then you clock out. An amazing thing that Laptop Entrepreneurs often find is that they’re able to accomplish their daily goals during their working hours so they no longer have to think about work outside of work. And that’s so stress relieving. That means work time is work time and playtime is playtime – no more negative work thoughts robbing you of your precious freetime.
  • You involve yourself with a few hobbies. Now that you’ve snipped off your commute and are working four days a week instead of five, you now decide to walk in the park more often, or play with your kids, or you decide to join your local softball team. You also don’t need to talk and complain much about work anymore since you’re hitting your goals in your distraction-free workplace. Plus, you’re making more meals at home with whole foods and now have more energy.
  • Your weekends are fulfilling and relaxing. Instead of spending your mornings (and, let’s be honest: most of your afternoon!) on the couch or in bed watching TV, you no longer need to sleep in and have those lazy days to recover from the work week. And, if you still love your lazy days as a Laptop Entrepreneur, you don’t feel guilty about taking them. You decide when you need to rest and you don’t need to cram errands you couldn’t get to during the work week on Saturday and Sunday. 
  • You now understand what work-life balance is. You may have read an article on what work-life balance is and think you have a general concept of what it is, but you’ll never fully reap the benefits until you become a Laptop Entrepreneur. You already try to turn your email off when you’re off duty at work, you try to turn the TV off early and try to spend time with your family, but sometimes checking your email is too necessary – and addictive – and you’re too exhausted to visit your parents or play with your kids. Ultimately, you can try to implement some “work-life balance” tips and tricks, but you’ll never really own your schedule until you go virtual.
  • You generate money. Since most of the methods of being a Laptop Entrepreneur involve working for yourself (with the exception of negotiating virtual working hours with your employer), you’re no longer interested in trading your time for money. Instead, you trade the value you produce for money. Or, you trade products for money. You trade your knowledge for money. That’s what we call “generating” an income instead of being paid a set salary of wage. Even if you’re working hard and pulling more than your weight at work, your efforts may go unnoticed. That means no bonus, no salary increase. 

Working online as a freelancer, on the other hand, often means specializing in a certain area and delivering a virtual good or service. You don’t get paid by the hour; rather by what you’ve produced. While it may seem intimidating, it’s a better alternative to dealing with stress at work.

Let’s say you agree to write product descriptions for sellers on Amazon (which is something I do); if you charge $100 for a fully optimized listing, and it takes you one hour to write and research, you’ve now earned $100 per hour (obviously). If it takes you two hours, you’ve made $50 per hour. The point is: you’re being paid based on the value you deliver, not on how long it takes you (which can mean making more money than a traditional workplace setting). And, if you want to make passive income by selling products online (both digital and physical products, like my books, for example), there are strategies for that, too, which I’ve outlined further in my book.

So If You’re Dealing With Stress At Work The Solution Is Simple: Work Online Instead

I don’t think it takes much elaboration: any sane person would prefer achieving work life balance and eliminating stress from work. When you pursue legitimate work from home jobs, you’ll have more free time than a life that’s just work, work, work.

We weren’t designed to be hidden inside all day – there’s so much more to life than just making a living. The great thing about being a Laptop Entrepreneur is that it can be done from anywhere! That means you can choose to work from the comfort of your own home, or you may decide to join some of the tens of thousands who have become Digital Nomads. As a Laptop Entrepreneur, you can finally see the world like you’ve always wanted to. You’ve always been the type to sift through National Geographic magazines, hoping someday to visit those far-off places. But, you’ve got a job, obligations and don’t have enough vacation days.

Guess what? When you become a Laptop Entrepreneur, every day is a vacation (or, more accurately: a workation). If you want concrete strategies on how to make a living online with legitimate work from home jobs, download my book from Amazon (for just $2.99!) 

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