Digital Product Creators Fail to Understand These Basic Principles

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Creating and Selling Digital Products

The following steps are often overlooked. However, they will better your chances of success when selling digital products.

1. Research, Research, Research.

Are you noticing a pattern here? To save yourself from wasting time, you need to do your homework before writing an eBook on the best types of dog sweaters or the best restaurants in Antarctica. You may personally be a huge fan of dog sweaters and own multiple for your pooch, but that doesn’t mean others are. As for restaurants in Antarctica — there’s not much on the menu there, and therefore, not a significant amount of demand for that kind of eBook. Find something with demand. Ensure it’s profitable. Figure out how to beat your competition.

2. Create a Digital Product Teaching or Selling Something You’re Good At.

Make use of your talents and create something that will benefit others. If you’ve studied a topic extensively, are naturally good at something, or are passionate about a topic — pursue it further. You can choose to write code, make a video, create a customized plan, or just about anything else. The digital marketplace is waiting for your input! What can you add?

3. Focus on Providing Value.

To avoid requests for returns and poor reviews, you want to ensure you’ve produced a quality product. That means checking for typos (sorry if there are any in this book! I tried my best to catch them, but I’m a one-man team. No fancy publishing company to back me!), working out the kinks in your platform, and ensuring you deliver what you advertise.

4. Create a Website and Market Your Product.

You need to create a website that allows customers to purchase your digital product. But first, you’ll need to do some convincing. This means creating a video explaining your product or writing enticing copy. Also, you need to focus on methods of bringing interested buyers to your website. And you can always explore the aforementioned digital marketplace platforms above to enhance your sales.

5. Follow Up With Your Customers.

If you can, grab your customer’s emails so that you can follow up with them. Collect their feedback on your product and see where you can improve. You’ll also be able to market them for future digital products you create. And for buyers who were disappointed or are difficult to please, remember that sometimes it’s best to bite the bullet and take a loss. It’s not worth the time to argue with those rare sour customers.

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