Discover Susa, Nestled in a Valley of the Amazing Italian Alps

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Unwind with a vin-brulee (mulled wine) as you take in the breathtaking view of the surrounding summits
Winter in Susa (photo by author)

Sip on refreshing water sourced from the Alps scattered throughout the town as you explore the walkable town of Susa. This quaint town isn’t only an idyllic setting for wintertime festivities and mountain fun, it’s also a great place to escape to in the summer months for a breath of fresh air.

What’s There to See in Susa?

Not to be confused with Porta Susa, one of the train and metro stations located within the city of Turin, Susa is a small city located in a scenic valley in the heart of the Alps.

Because Susa is the oldest and most important Roman settlement in the Val di Susa, you’ll have plenty of unique and well-preserved ancient edifices to see.

Susa was originally inhabited by Celtic people referred to as “Gauls” by the Romans. After many battles between the two groups, during the 1st century BC, the Gauls pledged allegiance to the Romans.

Since then, many impressive Roman monuments have been created, including a Roman Amphitheater. While not as large as the Colosseum, the amphitheater is still impressive nonetheless.

Oftentimes, you’ll find there aren’t many tourists at the amphitheater, allowing you and your company to enjoy the historic monument all to yourselves.

Also from the Roman era, you can see the Arch of Augustus during your trip to Susa. It was erected in 8 BC to honor the Roman emperor and for the Gauls to solidify their bond to the Romans.

Before making your way up the slight hill to see the Arch, you’ll also see the Porta Savoia which was originally constructed in the Roman era but reconstructed in the Middle ages.

Are you a nature lover? You’ll have plenty to see and do in Susa. While it’s located in a valley, you’re still a stone’s throw away from the summit of many pristine mountains in the Alps, which are a beautiful sight — especially in the winter. If you’re not visiting in the winter, Susa still makes a great hiking destination the rest of the year.

How to Get There

The train ride to get to Susa from Turin is just over an hour and is well worth the trip (search for it on Omio). Plus, it’ll only set you back about 10 euro roundtrip. If you go in the wintertime, the train ride will feel toasty — especially after having spent all day outside in the freezing cold.

There is a bus, too, but the train is your most comfortable option.

Wrapping Up

Susa’s got something for everyone — all year long. Whether looking for summer hiking or a base camp to access the alps quickly, Susa’s location gives you direct access to the beauty of the Alps.

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