Every Real Travel Job Must Have These 3 Traits

Identifying real, non-scammy ways to make money while you travel through travel jobs

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The Three Characteristics of Travel Jobs

You will notice a pattern in travel jobs or volunteer positions that allow you to see the world free. Both financially, and in terms of maintaining personal freedom. They contain one or more of the following traits.

1. Portability

This is the type of work that can be done from anywhere in the world. These travel jobs often involve a service that is in high demand, with people popping in and out of the industry all of the time e.g. Au Pairs, nurse, bartender, etc.

2. Flexibility

This means that working life is centered around you and your schedule, and not the other way around. You are the boss of your own life. If you want to go to the beach, on a tour, or do anything your heart is telling you to do, you are free to do so — whenever you want.

3. Independence

Be your own boss! If you’re not making money for yourself, you’re making money for somebody else. When you work for a large corporation, you are making mere dollars to the thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars they are making — with the utilization of your labor.

In case you haven’t read my story where I mention opportunity cost, I strongly recommend you do:

Imagine the possibility of pocketing all that dough for yourself? That’s your opportunity cost. Instead of creating something of your own, you expend your time and energy for someone else when you work for a big business. You don’t need to start a business that becomes the next Amazon, but you’ll at least be able to fund your travels if you work independently. If you want to be truly free, work as a freelancer or start your own business. Make things happen for yourself!

When you browse my other stories, you’ll see I’ve covered methods of making money online through websites such as Fiverr.com, Upwork, and other freelance platforms online (in fact, I’ve written a book on how to freelance called Laptop Entrepreneur).

Keep in Mind

You don’t need to work for money. Instead, you can volunteer in exchange for accommodation and food. You can even score free accommodation with Couchsurfing. I will also go into the important details of the best free volunteer/work opportunities through programs such as:

  • Helpx.net
  • Workaway.info

If you order my book, Journey On, I take these strategies further and even get a little unconventional by mentioning things that aren’t commonly looked at (such as government programs) and gaining access to a student visa in order to travel more extensively.

The travel jobs and volunteer opportunities are in no way a guarantee that you’ll get rich while traveling. You would be lucky to walk away with any major profit. Just remember that instead of making tons of money, you are buying time and the ability to travel the world while you are still young. The goal here is to offset the costs of travel to keep the journey going.

Journey on!

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