Two Easy Ways to Find Keywords on Pinterest

Strategic Ways to Find Effective Keywords
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As you probably already know by now, Pinterest is not only a social media platform but also a search engine. As such, it’s important to capitalize on the right keywords — that way, you ensure your stunning pins connect with the right audience.

When using keywords, you’ll want to put them in your pin’s title, description, and if applicable, your pin’s alt text. This way, Pinterest’s algorithm knows what your pin is on. Just be sure not to “stuff” the description with keywords! Using the Pinterest keywords once in the title, and 1–3 times in the description is plenty.

Let’s dive in — here are the 2 easiest ways to find keywords on Pinterest.

Pinterest Search Bar

  1. Use the search bar on Pinterest’s home page and begin typing a word or phrase related to your pin’s content
  2. Select some of the auto-suggested phrases to use in the pin’s title, description, and alt tags

For example, you may type in“cat food” and then find the following suggestions: “cat food DIY,” “cat food for kittens,” “cat food natural.”

You can then use the auto-suggested phrase to create an enticing, yet SEO-friendly, title. For example: “5 DIY Cat Food Recipes Using Ingredients You Already Have”

Pinterest Ad Manager

Use Pinterest’s ad creation service to find keywords. Note that this requires a Pinterest Business account.

  1. Go to Ads > Create ad
  2. Begin creating a campaign. Note that this does not require any payment details — you won’t have to pay anything
  3. Select a campaign objective (this can be random; you can pick any one)
  4. Click the button “New ad group”
  5. Select “Find new customers” under “Targeting strategy”
  6. Scroll down to “Interests & keywords” and select “Add keywords”
  7. Enter a keyword or phrase in the search bar. Select keywords that are connected to your pin

This step will tell you how many monthly searches there are for each term. Keep in mind, you may not always want to select a keyword with high search volume since those with lower search volume are likely less competitive. Selecting less competitive keywords is especially important for brands that aren’t established on the platform.

Key Points

  • Pinterest is a search engine
  • There are 2 easy ways to find Pinterest keywords
  • The fastest way is by using suggestions from Pinterest’s search bar
  • Using Pinterest Ad Manager allows you better insight into finding keywords, even if it takes a few more steps

Now, you can expand your reach with these two easy methods to select keywords on Pinterest.

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