If you’ve landed here, chances are you’ve come from my story on Northwest Youth Service’s website where I wrote on my experience as a high school student who lived in a homeless shelter. When sharing something deeply personal and intimate, the sharer’s motive is often their hope to inspire other people. This isn’t entirely true for me. Being transparent and finally dissociating from my feelings of shame surrounding my past led to my sharing of my dirty laundry (which was never really even dirty; my laundry was only covered in dust from being tucked way for too long). 

I created this page to update anyone potentially interested in my future. My plan (subject to change) is to earn my master’s in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from the University of Seville. After a year, I plan on retuning to the US and getting a second degree in counseling psychology (accelerated program) and may do my 3,000 required clinical hours at The PAD if possible. After, I intend to open a private practice. But not just any practice; it’ll have the whole shebang: red light therapy, infrared sauna, office spaces for acupuncturists, massage therapists and large rooms for restorative yoga as well as community classes on anxiety-busting nutrition, fermenting & more.

A city view of Sevilla. This picture has been my phone’s wallpaper the past several months to help guide my actions towards my future in Spain.

My Journey to Seville

Since I’m studying at a non-USA based university, this means I neither qualify for the FAFSA nor the vast majority of scholarships. While school in Spain isn’t wildly expensive as it often is the US, I had to pay for tuition out of pocket which left me with single digits in my bank account. If you’d like to support my journey towards healing myself and others of PTSD, please consider donating [Here’s my PayPal. Here’s my Venmo]

You can also support me by buying some of the books I’ve authored (forewarning: I haven’t had time to fully pour myself into the writing process. That means the content’s great, but there’s not much in the way of proofreading or editing):

Ryan Scott Coffee Table Books

I’ve started a little side business making coffee table. I’d like to write kid’s books and create my own illustrations and perhaps make an easy-to-follow guidebook on toning the vaguns nerve and healing from trauma.

Here’s the Ryan Scott Coffee Table Books Amazon Author page.