How to Recondition Your Mind to Become Your Healthiest Self

Recondition Your Mind for Health and Success
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Making healthy changes can be hard — with sugary foods available at every supermarket, bad “health” fads, and expensive organic produce, it’s a chore to make healthy dietary decisions. Nor is it easy to make healthy lifestyle decisions. After clocking out from work, you probably want to plop down on the couch — the last thing on your mind is hitting the gym.

But there’s an alternative to plopping — instead, you can flip your subconscious mind. You have the power to reprogram your mind.

By empowering yourself and reprogramming your subconscious mind through these five affirmations to inspire healthy changes in your life, you’ll find yourself coming up with better solutions.

If you find yourself plopping on the couch far too often, for example, after immersing your mind with these affirmations, you may instead decide to hit the gym, go for a walk, reduce your working hours, or — you may even quit!

If you’ve been living on autopilot, affirming these mantras can help you recondition your mind and take control over your actions.

The key to making lasting change is repetition. You may want to save this post to your list, write down the affirmations, or read aloud to better recondition your mind.

1. Even Though I May Not Feel Or Look My Best, I Know I Will

While there are plenty of benefits of being healthy beyond enhanced physical attractiveness and increased feelings of wellbeing, including:

  • Heightened lifespan
  • Increased healthspan
  • Diminished risk of disease — both chronic and acute

Improving one’s appearance and being more healthy are two of the most recognized and sought-after benefits of being free from disease. Note that this mantra doesn’t read “I feel my best and I look my best” as if it were true in the present. That’s because many have mental roadblocks to accepting the ideal image of themselves, and the truth is, we may be operating under our potential.

We can all be a little self-deprecating — we’re often our own worst critics. We notice our every flaw. Let go of your self-judgments — these negative emotions don’t serve you. Instead, take comfort in knowing you will look and feel your best. So starting with this baby step, know that your most beautiful, radiant, and energetic self is just around the corner.

2. My Journey to My Healthiest Self Has Already Begun

By choosing to read this post among the thousands available, you’ve already sent messages to your subconscious mind that you value yourself and your health. There are metaphysical benefits that go beyond the content you absorb from this post. Just by deciding to act and reading this post, you’re acknowledging your desire to change, and thus, your journey to reaching your healthiest state has begun.

You may not have realized the powerful effects of selecting this post alone — you probably scan headlines all the time — but when you think about it, we cast votes with our time.

We have finite time and energy (the most valuable resources in the world!) so by exchanging your time and energy to read these mantras, you are communicating to your subconscious mind that your desire to change for the better and reach your ideal state is real and worthwhile.

3. When I Affirm “I Am Healing” I Am Communicating with the Thousands of Cells In My Body to Rejuvenate and Refresh for the Better

As mentioned, there are metaphysical responses to your thoughts and actions — using mantras has the power to influence minuscule living entities, as small as your cells, and likely the bacteria and viruses that live within you. You truly have the power to recondition your mind.

It’s been suggested by quantum physics that our thoughts and intentions are able to manipulate the physical world. And, in fact, many studies verify the powerful effects mantras, prayers and meditations can have on our lives.

“It’s clear from the correlational studies within the epidemiology data that positive relationships exist between religious and spiritual practice and health outcomes on a variety of different conditions.”
— Marilyn Schlitz, PhD

Several studies find those who prayed for themselves or received prayer from others while in the hospital have higher rates of recovery.

A 2021 Yale study has found that there are 37 trillion human cells on average in the body. Why not show them some love, putting them at ease?

Your cells work harmoniously together; your state of mind, emotions, and self-talk have the power to augment their regenerative capabilities. You have the power to help heal your body through reconditioning your mind.

4. I Love My Body, It Sustains Me, It’s My Home, It’s Healthy, It’s Beautiful

This can be hard to recite. Many of us have issues with the bodies we live in because of issues with the ego. For many of us, we compare ourselves to people we see in magazines or influencers on Instagram.

We look at our neighbor’s perfectly watered grass, and rather than taking action to water our own, we may instead satisfy this anxiety (at least in the short run) by being envious and adopting a defeatist attitude: “I’ll never look like that!”

Your body is your home. There is no competition. You live in a beautiful home, and it’s best to focus your energy on your own house, rather than comparing.

Self-love isn’t something that comes easy in an image-centric society. With this mantra, your focus should be on accepting yourself as is.

This means expelling any judgments of the self you may have and opting for an objective view of your body instead.

Your body does so many beautiful things: Even if the body seems to be hurting you or has cast disease upon you, really, it’s just responding to the inputs you’ve provided it and is doing its best to sustain you and keep you alive.

With this series of mantras on your bodies, focus on each sentence and try to breathe the words into your body.

Your Lifestyle Change Starts Now

After reading through this post, you may want to revisit each mantra to help recondition your mind. Read each word with intention, and let your feelings overtake your body. Envision your future self as you start to install this new, positive programming in your subconscious mind.

Remember that the best way to initiate and retain change is through repetition. You’ll not only want to repeat these mantras to yourself — you also need to take action. Action is the secret sauce to success! These mantras will facilitate your action. Choose to be your best you today — and forever.

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