Real Strategies to Increase Pinterest Followers

More Pinterest followers, less hassle

Who isn’t looking for more followers on Pinterest?! While having tons of followers isn’t a pre-requisite to being successful on Pinterest, it can certainly help boost your odds of creating wildly popular pins.

Not only, having a decent amount of followers (i.e. hundreds or thousands) can boost your Pinterest profile’s credibility.

With an engaged audience of followers, you’ll have users who are ready to consume content (and who receive notifications when you post)!

While using keywords is crucial to expanding your pins’ reach, developing an audience is also important.

Here are the five best ways to skyrocket your Pinterest following!

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1. Engage with In-niche Content Creators

To grow your Pinterest following, start by identifying business accounts that already have a sizeable following.

Just be sure that they aren’t direct competitors! You’ll then want to engage with their content — save their pins to your boards, write comments, and give them a follow.

For example: An anti-aging makeup line may pair well with your natural lotion and body butter business. Identify at least 5 accounts that sell anti-aging makeup, and interact with their content.

You may comment on some of their posts something that adds value, such as: “Wow, that shade is gorgeous! It’s super important to apply makeup on hydrated skin (we know the perfect place to find moisturizers!)”

The trick is to engage without being too salesy, and without obviously trying to direct users away from in-niche content creators.

2. Don’t Engage with Direct Competitors

This should go without saying, but if you want to grow your following on Pinterest (without sabotaging yourself in the process) then you’ll probably want to avoid engaging with direct customers.

There may be some exceptions to this, however. Let’s say you’re a dermatologist located in Washington state.

You may decide to form a group board, comment, and pin each other’s content with another dermatologist in New York.

This would be mutually advantageous since dermatologists’ service offerings are confined to their location.

This would not be recommended, especially, for those in eCommerce. Since eCommerce can be done from anywhere, you’d be treading on someone else’s “digital territory” by commenting on their posts (if they’re direct competitors).

For example: If you sell bald eagle-themed shirts, it wouldn’t be to your advantage to comment on other bald eagle-themed shirt providers. You may, instead, engage with animal lover accounts or bald eagle conservation organizations.

3. Write Authentic and Informative Comments

Bland comments like, “Love this!” or “Wow!” won’t take you very far, unfortunately.

While the argument can be made that a generic comment is better than not commenting, if you’re looking for ongoing traffic and Pinterest followers, it’s best to put a bit of effort into your comments.

Your comments should be well thought-out, provide value, and inform.

The more related the content, the more detailed your comments on others’ posts should be.

In other words, if the pin is closely related to what you sell or what you offer, it’s best to write something more in-depth and save less time-consuming comments for pins that aren’t closely related.

For example: You may comment something simple like “Wow, such a pretty look!” on a pin of a natural makeup tutorial as an organic cosmetic business. But, on a pin titled, “10 Ingredients You Must Avoid In Your Beauty Products”, you may comment something like:

“Yes! Thanks for creating such an informative guide. We were shcoked by what’s allowed in cosmetics, so we created our own line completely free of harmful chemicals — all of our products score low on EWG’s Skin Deep®

4. Engage with Users Who Follow Competitors

To increase your probability of being followed back on Pinterest, you’ll want to engage with users who follow competitors.

What you need to do is find some competitors, click their “followers” tab and begin engaging with their followers.

You may decide to comment on their saved pins, save their pins, or you may even decide to follow them (which is a fantastic method of increasing your Pinterest followers).

If you decide to follow the followers of competitors, keep in mind there are following limits on Pinterest that can’t be exceeded for an allotted amount of time, in order to prevent spam.

This depends on the age of your account and other factors.

For example: If you’re the owner of a natural cosmetic line, you want to follow users who have a high probability of being interested in your products.

Things like “giant teddy bears” may be extremely popular and even trending on Pinterest, but it’s best to engage with topics directly related to your niche.

A targeted audience is better than a wide-cast net.

5. Post High-quality Content Regularly

This is probably very obvious, but in order to increase followers on Pinterest, you’ve got to produce content that’s worthy of being followed.

If you’re using a wacky color scheme; small, illegible text; and are linking to pages not directly related to your post, you probably won’t earn followers.

But if, on the other hand, you’re using:

  • High-quality images
  • Clear, legible titles
  • Creative titles that stir emotions
  • Keywords in the title and description
  • A recognizable brand kit
  • Infographics, videos, and other engaging forms of content

Then, you’ll have a shot at earning followers — and lots of them.

The presentation of your pins is so important, but it’s also just as important to produce high-quality blog posts and webpages so that Pinterest users don’t feel cheated when they click on your links.
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6. Post Idea Pins

Last but not least, you’ll want to take advantage of Pinterest’s latest feature: Idea Pins. Idea Pins are intended for Pinterest pin creators to join together connected ideas and present them in a clean sequence.

While you can add up to 10 images or videos, it’s incredibly common for Pinterest users to just post one video as an Idea Pin.

And, the results are fantastic! You can explode your Pinterest following with this method.

Many users have earned thousands of followers through this method. Best of all, if you post on TikTok or Instagram (reels), then you already have appropriate-sized content at your disposal!

For best results, if recycling content from other platforms, it’s best to remove the watermark. To do this, simply download apps by typing in “TikTok logo remover” or “Instagram logo remover” to create a “virgin” pin.

Creating Idea Pins is pretty intuitive and straightforward — you simply upload your images or videos, add optional text to your media, write a title (for best results, use keywords) and select up to 10 categories. Voila!

In Conclusion

There are six top ways to increase your Pinterest following. Be sure to perform all or most of them regularly to see your numbers of followers increase.

  • Engage with in-niche content creators
  • Avoid engaging directly with competitors
  • Write thoughtful comments
  • Engage with your competitor’s followers
  • Create scroll-stopping pins
  • Leverage Idea Pins

Wishing you much success in your Pinterest followers endeavors! If you’d like to learn more about finding the best Pinterest keywords, read this.

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