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The Local Scoop on Food Paradises, Museums, and Secret Sites in Turin

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Turin: Italy’s Most Underappreciated City. When planning a trip to Italy, everyone always thinks of Rome, Venice, and Florence, of course. But, what if I told you there’s a whole other side to Italy, beyond its crowded, tourist-filled metropolises, waiting to be discovered.

One urban area that’s been overlooked for far too long is Turin.

In this Turin travel guide, you’ll discover:

  • Secret, Off-the-Radar Spots in Turin. Many of which are unknown to locals, Torinesi. You’ll see a whole new side of Turin.
  • Museums of All Types. Turin is a treasure trove of museums. From ancient to modern, there’s an experience for everyone.
  • Foodgasm-worthy Restaurants. Turin is renowned for its food scene, but some places are better than others. I’ve pointed out the top spot for you.
  • Day Trips (All Reachable with Public Transport). Take advantage of Turin’s strategic location. Explore the area with buses, trains and even BlaBla car.

Beat the Crowds – Explore Turin While It’s Still a Secret! You’ll discover plenty of interesting spots to transform your stay into Turin into one that’s magical rather than ordinary.

Download this book to enjoy an authentic Taste of Turin!

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Underappreciated Means Lower Prices and More Opportunity for You!

I had the pleasure of spending over two years of my life in this magnificent Italian city, and consequently had plenty of opportunities to explore her narrow alleyways, well-known landmarks and discover secret spots. 

Turin, or Torino in Italian, is an excellent but under-explored Italian tourist destination that boasts clean, magnificent streets and provides an authentic feel for metropolitan Italian life. Plus, you’ll never feel like you’re elbow-to-elbow with other tourists as you may in Venice and parts of Rome.

Shedding Its Industrial Reputation

While Turin once had a reputation for being an industrial and gray city, there’s much history and culture to be discovered – it was Italy’s first capital, afterall, and recently hosted the Olympics in 2006. 

As you’ll discover, Turin is a city full of color and vibrancy. From the picturesque cityscape dominated by the Mole, to the buzzing food scene (if you do make your way to Piemonte, your perception of pasta will be forever changed. A common dish in this region is pasta with butter – it may not be what you’re used to, but believe me –  it’s a must-try!) and many cultural events that cater to its thriving student population.

A Quick Connection From Milan, Genova and France

While Turin may not have been on your Italian bucket list, it’s my hope that after reading this guide, you make it a point to book a train ticket (only one-hour with Italo, and two hours by bus or the local commuter train from Milan and Genova) to see all that the “Paris of Italy” has to offer. Turin is truly a on-of-a-kind destination and has so much history, art and beauty hiding within her walls.

Turin won’t stay hidden forever. Find cool spots before everyone else does – Download Taste Torino.

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