The Global Volunteer

Free Travel Opportunities to Help Abroad with Gap Year Programs, The Peace Corps, WWOOF and More

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If you’re travel-obsessed like me, you’re always dreaming of far-off places to visit. Maybe you want to explore the lush tropical vibes of Bali or help orphans learn English in a rural village in Guatemala. There are just so many exciting places to see! Unfortunately, not all of us have the bank account to do so. What’s worse is when searching for travel volunteer programs, you’ve likely come across borderline scam websites that charge hundreds – or maybe even thousands – just for a week or two of volunteering. That’s not what this book is about. I’ve sifted through countless websites and resources to find you the best ways to see more of the world while helping others for close to $0!

If you’re looking for a fulfilling program to fill your gap year or are looking to take a sabbatical in a meaningful way, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the contents of this book – and you’ll save big on accommodation and living expenses in the process!

If you want to hep others while traveling free you need to order a copy to learn about the strategies in this book!

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This book is best for…

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. Being a high schooler is an exciting time! These are some of the most transformative, life-determining years. You really have an opportunity to figure out what type of person you want to be and pursue your interests. If you’re interested in traveling the world – don’t pass up these opportunities. Not only will programs like WWOOF and AmeriCorps look great on a college application and resume, they’ll completely change your life (best of all you and your parents won’t have to spend a dime if selected).


GAP YEAR SEEKERS. You’ve put in thirteen long years of study and now it’s come to an end. You’ll find most of your peers will go straight into the workforce or college, but there is another option: traveling the world. After spending so much time inside a classroom, maybe it’s time to learn outside of the classroom from people and places that are completely unknown to you. There are plenty of gap year programs available to high school graduates – and you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on them as some companies would lead you to be. Find out how you can organize your own trip to volunteer in a dog shelter in Spain or become in Au Pair in France.


COLLEGE STUDENTS and GRADUATES. Whether you’re already enrolled in a university and want to kill two birds with one stone (travel and education), or haven’t started your academic career yet and are considering getting an international degree as I did, you’ll find out how you can pair your need for education with your wanderlust.


RETIREES. As I mentioned above, there are some challenges for older people who want to travel (just as there are for younger folks i.e. money) but that shouldn’t stop you from seeing the world. Many farms may be looking for your expertise in gardening or cooking via WWOOFing, or you may be able to volunteer in an orphanage in Latin America, for example, through a help exchange program. On top of that, there are also organizations you can join within the US like the Senior Corps which allows you to make a difference in a different corner of the US. Whether you have your eye set on an exotic, international destination or want to see more of the US, there are plenty of opportunities for you to explore.


YOUNG COUPLES. Sometimes two is better than one! If you want to travel the world as a pair, there are a plethora of benefits. In fact, you’ll save on your WWOOFing membership (which costs between $20 and $60 in most cases. A little expense for a lot of travel and free room and board!)


Travel is not limited to the elite, the privileged and the “lucky.” If you want to travel – you will! Carve out your own future and live the life of your dreams by finding programs that allow you to travel for free. I’ve provided you with countless programs and sincerely hope you take advantage of all the resources and opportunities at your disposal. There’s so much of the world to see and so little time! Download The Global Volunteer now to fulfill your dreams of traveling and helping other

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